ZOMBIE LESBIAN FLESH EATERS is my first published novel. I like to think it’s the most depraved and graphic horror novel ever written…! It is the tale of a zombie infection unleashed on a city in Scotland, the grim murderous effects of the outbreak and the fight to overcome the plague of the undead. When an oilworker in Africa is infected and brings a zombie virus back to his native Aberdeen, the plague incubates in a stripclub and then explodes throughout the city. The police and then the army are overwhelmed as law and order break down, with death, destruction and bloody mayhem rampant. The very future of civilisation itself is at stake. But one man may have a way to stop them! Can he succeed…?

This is a spoof horror novel that takes a tongue-in-cheek inspiration from novels like “The Rats” and “The Slugs” and amplifies them to ludicrous splatter-gore levels. With a consciously OTT style and a heightened sense of unreality, it is both an affectionate homage to pulp horror and a wicked send-up.

If you think Stephen King is a bit tame, you will love this book. It makes “The Evil Dead” seem like “Sesame Street”…

Zombie Lesbian Flesh Eaters


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